DJ Friese

Donald “DJ” Friese Jr., is the president and CFO of The Friese Foundation, a charitable foundation committed to the welfare of children, animals, veterans, and first responders. Before devoting his time to the foundation, DJ served as the executive vice president of C.R. Laurence Co., Inc., where he worked for 27 years. 

Committed to animal welfare, DJ established a three-acre exotic animal sanctuary in the San Fernando Valley. In the past eight years since founding the sanctuary, he has taken in more than 30 animals, including African tortoises and exotic snakes, as well as Indonesian Water Monitors exceeding 100 pounds.

DJ is a devoted father of two, Ryan Friese,16, and Ellia Friese, 13, and commits a considerable amount of time to his family and spending time with his kids. Additionally, he enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle. A level-2 certified diver, DJ enjoys diving in exotic locations. He is also an avid snowboarder and skier.

In his work with The Friese Foundation, Donald “DJ” Friese Jr., focuses on learning about the different causes, committing not only his financial resources, but also his time. He works with other philanthropists to network and educate others about the organizations he supports.