Elevate Church: Elevating the Christian Community in the Santa Clarita Valley

Elevate Church: Elevating the Christian Community in the Santa Clarita Valley

With a goal of bridging the gap from hopelessness to wholeness, the Friese Foundation supports a variety of causes, including churches, hospitals, schools, veterans, first responders, orphanages, animals, and mental health.

The Friese Foundation’s charitable mission is to support impactful, life-changing opportunities wherever they may be found. Elevate Church is helping to fulfill this critical promise in the Santa Clarita Valley, in Southern California.

Elevate Church

For this reason, the Friese Foundation is proud to announce a generous donation to Elevate Church. Located in Newhall, Elevate Church is a Bible-based Christian church that helps its congregation connect with God through personal relationships with Jesus Christ. The congregation is overseen by Lead Pastors Mauricio and Veronica Ruiz.

“We are so thankful, Mr. Friese, that you have made available, through the Friese Foundation, a generous donation to support Elevate Church as well as the many programs that are already in progress,” wrote Pastor Mauricio Ruiz in a recent letter of endorsement for the foundation.

A few of the many Elevate Church initiatives that will benefit from the Friese Foundation’s donation include: a building fund to acquire a youth center; outreach Elevate Churches in Utah and Tokyo, Japan; church and school projects in Oaxaca, Mexico; and an initiative in Mexico designed to prevent human trafficking.

The donation will also support the quickly growing congregation’s needs at home in the Santa Clarita Valley.

“With God’s help, we are hoping in the near future to be in a position to move into a large Church building,” wrote Pastor Ruiz. “Spring of 2020, we will be offering four Sunday morning services just to accommodate the growth in our congregation.”

Pastoral care and ministries

Aside from the projects mentioned above, Elevate operates a variety of different ministries and pastoral care programs specially tailored to the needs of various groups within the congregation.

For instance, counseling and mentorship are available to anyone in need through the Elevate Hope Center. In addition, the church’s Sozo ministry provides a time of prayer for people to reflect on what may be hindering their relationship with God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. “Sozo” is a Greek word translating to “saved, healed, and delivered” – or what the church believes is the “full package” that Jesus offers to all believers.

Similarly, Elevate’s six-week Love Battery Workshops provide free marriage counseling to any married couple – whether newlyweds or couples celebrating their 50th anniversary – who wishes to participate.

The Brave Women’s Ministry meets monthly to encourage and empower women, even in the midst of hardship and heartbreak. Women of every age and stage of life are welcome. Meanwhile, the Elevate Men’s Ministry also meets monthly to dive deeper into Scripture and “accept the challenge to be a true man of God.”

The church has also hosted a series of talks, delivered by Lead Pastor Mauricio Ruiz, on different topics, such as overcoming life’s challenges, spiritual development, marriage sanctity, and others.

Elevate for children

Elevate also offers church programs specially tailored for children every Sunday and Wednesday. These kids’ church services focus on age-appropriate Bible teachings and fun, engaging activities that help children discover God. Even the youngest children in the nursery can participate in prayer time and fun worship activities. Preschoolers from two to five years of age learn the fundamental building blocks of living for Jesus while playing with friends and participating in hands-on arts and crafts. Elementary school kids up to 5th grade also participate in group activities, engage in worship, and learn lessons from the Bible. All children receive a snack as well.

The church also provides a private nursing room where mothers can nurse their babies while watching a live broadcast of the church service.

Elevate Christian Academy

For families who homeschool their children, Elevate has created Elevate Christian Academy, a model for Christian homeschooling. Offering individualized support services and enrichment activities to these families, Elevate Christian Academy is committed to supporting parents as they lead their children to a restored relationship with God.

In addition to enrichment activities, some of the services offered through the Academy include student IDs, record keeping, organized field trips, and other opportunities for fellowship and socializing with like-minded families who homeschool their children.

Elevate in the community

Outside of the Church, Elevate is an active member of the Santa Clarita Valley community. Recent events include a partnership with KHTS Radio and a local business, Santa Clarita Grocery, for a toy drive for families in need.

Elevate also works to help people in need beyond the church’s local community. Elevate’s eKids Global mission has created a school in Oaxaca, Mexico, that helps kids reach their full potential by providing free education, meals, healthcare, and transportation. Elevate has also supported children’s education in Central America and Africa. To create an ongoing source of financial support for these missions, Elevate opened the iBrew Life Café on-site at its primary location in Newhall. The patio café sells Oaxacan coffee and other snacks and beverages on Sundays.


Elevate Church offers three 90-minute services every Sunday, in addition to a 75-minute Wednesday evening service. For churchgoers unable to make the trip, Elevate hosts a live stream of their services and offers a podcast.

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