Friese Foundation Donates to The Salvation Army – California South Division

Friese Foundation Donates to The Salvation Army – California South Division

The former CEO of C.R. Laurence (CRL), Donald Friese serves as the chairman and CEO of the Friese Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting military service members, children, first responders, and animals. The nonprofit organization offers unwavering support to a wide range of community organizations.

Passionate about helping others, Mr. Friese has often stated that he is in the “business of people.” The Friese Foundation prioritizes support for organizations that provide resources to families with low incomes, people experiencing homelessness, and veterans. Before starting his career at CRL in the early 1960s, Donald Friese served in the United States Army. His military service inspired him to support numerous programs that help veterans, as well as active-duty service members.

Providing Essential Resources

In addition to supporting veterans in need, the Friese Foundation advocates for causes such as childhood poverty and animal rights. Recently, the Friese Foundation demonstrated its support for worthy causes by making a generous donation to The Salvation Army – California South Division to assist with its COVID-19 Crisis Response Effort. The donation from the Friese Foundation will enable the California South Division to provide food and essential resources to people in need and seniors amid the pandemic.

Since 1993, Mr. Friese has supported The Salvation Army – California South Division, and the Friese Foundation is eager to continue to continue to assist the organization. Donald Friese has always emphasized the importance of charitable efforts and hard work, and the Friese Foundation’s support for The Salvation Army – California South Division enables people from diverse backgrounds to secure the resources that they need. Through the Friese Foundation, Donald Friese aims to help others. He is constantly seeking to expand the nonprofit’s impact through donations to organizations that seek to improve the community.

Since its inception in 2018, the Friese Foundation has had a major impact in both Southern California and throughout the country. Through its recent donation to The Salvation Army – California South Division, the Friese Foundation seeks to help to ensure the health and safety of individuals amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A Dedication to Helping Others

The Friese Foundation’s generous donation will enable The Salvation Army – California South Division to boost its response effort during the pandemic. For instance, the organization will be able to respond to increased requests for food from vulnerable individuals, such as seniors who are isolated. Moreover, as a rising number of people experience economic difficulties during this crisis, the ability to provide food will remain a high priority for the California South Division.

In addition, resources that have been distributed will eventually have to be replaced, which requires monetary donations. The California South Division needs donations to maintain and expand its services.

Amid the pandemic, the organization is also focused on providing shelter to local and county government agencies. For instance, the California South Division is helping people in need by offering emergency shelter and is expanding its capacity to offer over 800 beds. The California South Division’s Santa Ana Family Store has become an emergency shelter, and other sites are under consideration. In addition, over 40 Corps Community Centers are set up to distribute food and other essential items to members of the community.

Moreover, the Salvation Army – California South Division has provided Los Angeles County health authorities with 800 hygiene kits and 800 cots. The organization is also accepting donations of needed items, such as baby supplies, paper products, canned food, and hygiene items.

The Salvation Army – California South Division offers a variety of programs to help people in need, ranging from individuals to families. The organization offers meals and shelter for people experiencing homelessness, as well as medical services and healthcare for those with low incomes. In addition, the California South Division helps veterans by providing food and shelter. Moreover, the organization assists veterans who are dealing with mental health and substance issues.

The California South Division was established in in 1887, 22 years after its parent company, The Salvation Army, was founded. Today, there are over 20 Salvation Army locations throughout greater Los Angeles.

A Commitment to the Community

In addition to its providing shelter for people experiencing homeless and assistance for veterans, The Salvation Army – California South Division offers after-school programs for children. One of the most important services that the California South Division offers is daycare. By providing childcare for parents who work in the downtown area of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Daycare Center gives parents the opportunity to be close to their children in the event of an emergency, and it doubles as an option for individuals with low incomes.

The Salvation Army – California South Division is focused on helping the community, which aligns closely with the mission of the Friese Foundation. Through the support of the Friese Foundation, the California South Division will be able to continue to help the area’s most vulnerable populations.

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