Rancho San Antonio Boys’ Home

The Friese Foundation is proud to support the Rancho San Antonio Boys Home, a multi-service residential treatment facility for court-ordered adolescent youth, located in Chatsworth. It is the mission of Rancho San Antonio to provide a person-centered, trauma-informed, culturally relevant, and therapeutic environment, in which youths can develop the skills, values, and responsibility needed to rejoin their communities. Since their founding in 1933, thousands of young men have turned to Rancho San Antonio for help and guidance. 

Countless youth who walk through the gates of Rancho have experienced the trauma of physical and sexual abuse and domestic violence. Often, they have adopted a gang as their family and the streets as their home. For most, active drug use and abuse becomes a way of numbing pain. Rancho provides an affirming environment, a haven and safe zone. Everyday there are opportunities to help youth overcome trauma, develop emotional/behavioral regulation skills, foster responsibility, and work on developing permanency and return to family and/or permanent connections in the community.

The comprehensive range of rehabilitative services offered by Rancho San Antonio provide an opportunity to redirect youth after parental, school, and home conditions have become degenerative rather than constructive, setting them on the wrong path. Youth placed at Rancho are provided with rich programming including specialty mental health services, job and career resources, financial literacy classes, leadership training, educational support services, creative arts and an array of sports and activities.  Individual tutoring and scholarships are provided to help students achieve educational goals. Through the Transitional Housing Program, foster youths and youths no longer being tracked by the juvenile courts are given an opportunity to live in fully furnished apartments while they earn hands-on life experience while working in the local community.

The organization has been commended for its services by State Legislators, Los Angeles County Probation, and the Mayor of Los Angeles. They also have developed effective collaborations with the Los Angeles Board of Education, the Department of Child and Family Services, and Juvenile Courts. Today, Rancho San Antonio is nationally accredited, and is recognized as a leader in innovative programs for youth. We are proud to support the work Rancho San Antonio does for these young men as they prepare to rejoin their communities and hope you will join us in supporting them, too.